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About Fight Production
Fight Production, an internationally operating company based in Germany with offices in the city of Bielefeld, was founded and is headed by manager/matchmaker Olaf Schroeder, who by now can look back on more than 20 successful years in professional boxing.

As with so many, Olaf got his first taste of the ‘Sweet Science’ as a young teenager, closely following the latter part of Muhammad Ali’s career - and was captivated. Later, he started to venture into journalism, reporting for his local paper from German shows in the early ‘80ies.

Then Olaf got involved in the business part of professional boxing in 1984, while simultaneously serving an apprenticeship as a bank manager.

As probably the youngest manager and matchmaker in German boxing history, he also began promoting in different partnerships in 1986. Three years later, Schröder had developed his first national pro champion, taking a young local fighter all the way up from an amateur career of only regional success. In 1990 Olaf decided to quit his job as a banker in order to concentrate full-time upon boxing and thoroughly dedicate himself to by-then formed Fight Production. Since then he has guided more than two dozen fighters to national and international title honours, and is proud to have to have produced a total of four ‘world’ champions: Dutchmen Raymond Joval (WBU/IBO middleweight) and Richel Hersisia (WBF heavyweight), Hungarian Mihaly Kotai (WBF superwelterweight) and Armenian Arsen Khachatrian (WBF middleweight).


During the years, Fight Production has worked with most European boxing people and companies of importance, and today enjoys good relationships with the premier promoters of the continent – not that the name Fight Production is unheard of in other parts of the world, though.


Photo: Schröder and former WBA Light Middleweight World Champion Ayub Kalule.


Amazingly, Olaf occasionally still finds the time to keep his pen sharp as a freelance columnist for various publications, published the ‘German Yearbook of Professional Boxing’ from ’98 to ’03 and has gained a fair reputation as a cutman. Recognizing and honouring the achievements, the IBF (International Boxing Federation) named Fight Production „European Matchmaker of the Year 1999“, the WBB (World Boxing Board) “Matchmaker of the Year 2003”, and the WBF (World Boxing Foundation) "European Matchmaker of the Year 2004".  


Photo: President of the World Boxing Foundation Mick Croucher from Australia with Schroeder.